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A home’s air conditioning system can be a life saver on those hot, sweltering days that make it impossible to even go outside. But what happens when your air conditioner stops working? You don’t want to be stranded without that sweet and cool relief, so here are some signs you are in need of some air conditioning repair services as soon as possible.

You hear weird noises
Sure, a hum or a rumble is normal when you first turn your machine on for the season. However, it is not normal to hear squeaking, clattering, squealing, or grinding noises. This is a sign that at least one component of the machine is broken and needs ac repair and if you wait to take action, the whole machine may be compromised.

Certain rooms are cooler than others
Are you noticing cool air in one room, but almost none in the room right next door? This is a sign you have an air flow problem or even an air duct malfunction. Usually, this is a telltale signal that the unit’s compressor is broken and you are on verge of a complete electrical failure. To prevent this from even happening in the first place, invest some time in regular duct cleaning every season to get rid of pesky clogs that could be getting in the way.

Moisture around the unit
You never, ever want your unit to get wet. If you notice some condensation around the HVAC system, make sure to call your AC company right away as water and electrical units don’t mix! There can be many causes to this problem, so it is best a professional takes a good look.

Your thermostat isn’t working
Sometimes, the problem could lay with the thermostat, not the air conditioning unit itself. One way to tell if this is a problem is to change temperatures throughout the day and if you do not feel any change, the device may need to be repaired. Also pay attention to the time of day your unit turns on – if it is different than what it is programmed too, the thermostat may be the problem.

Experiencing any one of these multiple problems? AC repair may be in your future, and considering the average machine requires at least two routine inspections a year, make sure to contact our AC company today for a fast fix!