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air condtioning repair services

As summertime heats up, your air conditioned home becomes a save haven from the scorching temperatures and sticky humidity. But for many homeowners, air conditioning means higher energy costs. Fortunately, there are ways that you can beat the heat while keeping your utility bills low. From reassessing your home windows to calling an air conditioning repair service, follow these tips for getting the most out of your cooling system this season.

  1. Check Your Windows: Faulty windows allow air to escape through the cracks. Either hire a contractor or inspect for leaks yourself. If you notice any air passing through the window frame, it may be time to invest in new windows.
  2. Change AC Filters: Dirty filters cause your air conditioning unit to work much harder than it should. Most HVAC filters should be changed every one to three months, according to Energy Star. If you are not comfortable changing them yourself, call an air conditioning company to service it for you.
  3. Draw The Curtains: Sunlight can heat up your home significantly, so try to close the curtains and blinds as much as possible. This is especially true if you are not home during the day. The more opaque the curtain, the better.
  4. Cook Outside: Heating up food on the stove or running the oven will heat up your house, causing your air conditioner to run more than it would otherwise. Summer is ideal for grilling anyway, so take your cooking outside whenever possible.
  5. Run A Fan: Using a ceiling or floor fan will make the room feel cooler, allowing you to run your air conditioning at a higher temperature. As long as you remember to turn off the fan when you are not home, you will cut down on electricity costs by enjoying this cool air.

By maintaining your HVAC systems and keeping your home sealed, you can keep your family comfortable and your energy bills low. Just be sure to order air conditioning repair services whenever you are experiencing a problem. Nothing sucks up more energy than a broken HVAC system.

A Tampa air conditioning company, Morgan Air is available to address all of your AC needs. Schedule your inspection and repair today for a more efficient home this summer.