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Pests will always try to find the best way inside your home. Unfortunately, because your HVAC system requires an exchange of air between the outdoors and indoors, pests may find a way to sneak past your air conditioning’s safeguards to call your home their home.

Bugs that are native to Florida such as lovebugs, mosquitos, and palmetto bugs are just waiting for the chance to invade. Fortunately, you can help combat against these pests and keep them out of your home in such a way that’s actually good for your air conditioning unit.

Creating a bug barrier
Surprisingly, what’s good for bug protection is also good for your HVAC system. This is because HVAC systems and your home share common ground when it comes to protecting you from pests. Droppings and other gross things left behind by bugs in your air vents can cause respiratory problems and other health risks for those in your home. It can also cause your filters to clog up and make your air conditioning run harder than it needs to.

Here are some things you can do to prevent pests from causing air quality problems in your vents and causing damage to your home:

  1. Control the moisture in your home
     Many pests rely on water to survive and love a good home that’s nice and damp. Use dehumidifiers around your house where humidity and dampness may be a concern. Up to 86% of homeowners in Florida use central air conditioning, but if you have an outside unit be sure to check when you have water puddling beside the condenser.
  2. Cut off the pests’ entryway
    Pests can sometimes use your HVAC system to enter your home. Fortunately, an air conditioning repair company can help to fit your system’s vents with protective screens. An air conditioning company can also determine where drafts may be coming from. Pests may be entering your home from those drafty areas, not just your vents.
  3. Apply sealants to your ductwork
    Duct material can degrade over the years, especially if it hasn’t seen proper maintenance. When ducts degrade, they create spaces for pests to crawl through and can also reduce the energy efficiency of your system.
  4. Schedule a maintenance check
    Scheduling a maintenance check with an air conditioning company or air conditioning repair service helps to ensure your system is at its most efficient. It also helps to ensure no bugs are able to make their way through the vents.

Pests are called pests for a reason: no one likes them in their home. If you believe bugs are making their way into your house via your air conditioning vents, call an air conditioning company in Tampa today for an inspection and repair.