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It can be difficult to know whether your air ducts are leaking. In fact, many homeowners in Tampa are unaware that their air ducts are leaking at all.

Duct leakage not only creates an uncomfortable temperature in the home but can also pull between 20% to 40$ of energy out of an efficient air conditioner. Fortunately, duct leakage is fixable by a professional Tampa AC service.

Consider the following common signs of air duct leakage to determine whether your air conditioning problem is related to an air duct leak.

  1. Higher energy bills
    Higher, unexplained energy bills are one of the most common signs there’s something wrong with your air conditioning. In some cases, it can be related to an air duct leak especially if your home is older. This is because your air conditioning is unable to work at its fullest efficiency due to air escaping through holes or gaps. To maintain a cool temperature that’s comfortable throughout the home, your air conditioning is forced to work harder than normal.
  2. Larger amounts of dust
    Dust collection is normal in a home. However, if you’re starting to notice that dust is becoming more frequent despite regular dusting and cleaning you may be experiencing a duct leak. Be sure to check your air conditioning to ensure the problem isn’t with your filters. HVAC services recommend changing air conditioning filters at least once a month.
  3. Uneven temperatures throughout the home
    Finally, one of the most common signs you have an air duct leak is if the temperatures in your home are uneven. Uneven temperatures are caused by poor air circulation, which may be caused by the lost air. What’s more, the duct leaks can push your cool air outside. Therefore, if you’re noticing uneven temperatures in your home despite your air vents and interior doors remaining open, you may want to contact a Tampa AC repair company.

If you’ve been experiencing problems with your air conditioning, you may have an air duct leak. Contact a Tampa AC service today for more information on air conditioning repair and maintenance.