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Residential AC Installation In Tampa

Residential AC InstallationDo you need top quality AC installation in Tampa, for your home? Let’s face it, the weather in central florida feels like summer 10 months out of the year and the humidity can be intense. A reliable central air conditioning system creates a welcome respite from the relentless heat and humidity. Air conditioning units that are properly installed, serviced, and maintained will provide many years of economical and dependable service.
The efficiency of modern air conditioners has improved dramatically in the last decade. Homeowners with a 10 SEER AC unit placed into service in the early 2000s can save up to 41 percent by installing new equipment with a 17 SEER rating.

We Don’t Cut Corners

When you have chosen the central air conditioner that meets your budget and performance expectations, our certified and factory trained mechanics will start the actual AC installation phase of the project. For new construction, we always conduct a job site survey to verify the actual site conditions match the mechanical drawings.

We Comply with the Local Code Requirements

Any duct work that is installed or modified will conform to ACCA Standard 5 to ensure compliance with all national, state, and local code requirements. After most trades have completed their work, the new units are set, the final connections are made, and the system is charged with refrigerant. Once the proper operation of the unit is confirmed, we will balance the registers to make sure every room receives the appropriate quantity of conditioned air.

Improve Your Air Quality

In a replacement application, the old equipment is removed, and the refrigerant is recovered. The existing duct network is examined to identify loose connections, obstructions, and visible leaks. It is important to recognize that homes built before the mid 2000s often have duct leakage that degrades system efficiency by 20 percent or more. Every new system is tested to verify the BTU output at the air handler is delivered at the register.

We Have a Variety of HVAC Systems Available

No matter what system you choose, Morgan Air can install your new air conditioning unit anywhere in Tampa Bay! Take a look at our equipment page, and speak to our experts today to compare! We have the technicians and the resources to get your unit installed efficiently and quickly. We offer amazing maintenance programs to help your unit last as long as possible.