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Residential AC Maintenance

Residential AC MaintenanceA dependable cooling and heating system is key to maintaining your home’s comfort. A residential maintenance plan can help lower electrical usage, improve comfort, and reduce the chance of an unexpected malfunction.

Why must you maintain your AC unit? Easy! Because a clean air conditioner runs more efficiently than a dirty one. That means your electric costs stay low, and you increase the lifetime of your system. Regular maintenance allows us to find and prevent any potential issues with it before it becomes costlier and more difficult to fix. We check parts for signs of wear, or anything that looks like it may need replacing soon.

Maintenance programs can also save you money! Catching problems early can prevent costlier repairs later- but it also keeps your unit running at optimal efficiency saving money on your electric bill! Your automobile requires regular maintenance for peak performance, and so does your air conditioning unit.

Essential residential HVAC services include:

  • Test the refrigerant charge
  • Clean the cabinets and remove debris from outdoor grill
  • Clean the condensing
  • Unclog drain lines and clean the condensate pan
  • Air balance the registers
  • Inspect and test the compressors
  • Inspect and tighten electrical connections
  • Reset the thermostat and enter setback points if necessary
  • Test continuity across the motors
  • Lubricate belts, motors, bearings and other moving parts
  • Test the contactors, defrost controls and blowers
  • Confirm the temperature drop across the coil
  • Inspect and adjust the blowers if necessary
  • Inspect flue pipe, elbows and connections
  • Inspect heat exchangers
  • Adjust the gas burners for maximum combustion efficiency
  • Change or clean the filters
  • Test the furnace ignition systems
  • Dye test for any leaks

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