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Two-thirds of all American homes have air conditioners. Air conditioners are important for staying cool during warm weather and are typically installed by an AC company. This is especially true for those in hotter climates like Florida.

However, you can still conserve energy with your air conditioner even when you’re running your HVAC system throughout most of the year. HVAC systems typically have two fan settings: on and auto. Surprisingly, keeping your system on one setting rather than the other can have costly consequences.

On or Auto?
Your HVAC system’s fan is what helps to distribute cold air throughout your home. However, the system fan will usually stop turning once the targeted temperature in the room has been reached. This helps conserve your system’s energy. If you’re experiencing problems with your system’s fan, an air conditioning company in Tampa can help repair it to keep your system efficient.

However, when you have your system turned to “on,” the fan will continue to spin even after the target temperature in the room has been reached. The “on” setting may seem like a good idea for those particularly hot and humid days. But in the long run, the “on” setting can actually do more harm than good even if you routinely have AC repair services take a look at your system. Here’s why:

  • Increased humidity
    Humid air can actually be pulled into your home between cooling cycles when your system is consistently on. Humidity in the home can not only be uncomfortable but can also result in peeling wallpaper or even mold.
  • High utility bills
    HVAC systems are designed for energy efficiency, which is what the “auto” setting is for. When the fan is running continuously, you’re increasing energy expenditure that doesn’t need to be spent.
  • Reduced lifespan of HVAC system
    Your system’s energy efficiency is not only important for lower utility bills. It’s also important for conserving the life of your air conditioning. It’s typically recommended that HVAC systems are inspected at least twice a year. But if you’re running your system continuously, it may be in your best interest to have your system inspected more than that.

However, the “on” setting on your system isn’t all bad. A system that’s “on” routinely allows the air to stay fresh, which can be relieving for those with asthmatic symptoms. Talk to your AC company if you’re interested in a unit that allows for greater customization once your original system runs its course. An AC company can help you find a happy medium between “auto” and “on” so you can have the best of both worlds without the drawbacks.