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Dishwasher Loading Tips
Do you live with someone who loads the dishwasher wrong? Have you opened the dishwasher to find that your dished weren’t really clean? Here are a few tips to get the most out of your dishwasher. Or an article to forward to your roommate.
Don’t completely rinse dishes – If you’re running a load …

What does SEER mean (and why should I care?)
A homeowner in the market for a new air conditioning system might have a difficult time understanding the confusing collection of numbers involved with your AC SEER Rating, and they can easily miss crucial information. One number you should be sure to study is the SEER, or the Seasonal …

What’s the Difference Between Mechanical and Electronic Air Cleaners?
When sunlight beams in through a window, do you see a galaxy of dust particles in the air? “Dust” is a blanket term that can include the fireplace, cigarette, and cooking smoke; skin and pet dander; molds, mildew, and fungi; pollen and plant spores; and an …

How to Level a Dishwasher
An uneven dishwasher can cause leaking and puddling. You can level a dishwasher by
adjusting the hex nut up or down on each leg. You need a level to determine how uneven
the dishwasher is and then again to check it as you make the adjustments. Since the hex
nut …

Here are a few tips on how to lighten the workload of your AC. Less stress could equal longer life. Following these tips will help your AC run more efficiently.
1. Keep your windows closed and shaded to prevent heat from entering your home.
2. Shut off any electrical appliances, lights and equipment whenever they are not in use.