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Commercial HVAC

Preseason Tune ups and Regular Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a sound investment that will maximize equipment performance while helping to avoid an unanticipated breakdown in extreme weather. At Morgan Air Conditioning, our maintenance customers receive two annual preseason visits by technicians who conduct a number of important tests, inspections, and other services. This includes cleaning the coils, confirming the refrigerant levels, changing the filters, cleaning the cabinets, and lubricating critical moving parts. Regular maintenance will help expose concealed problems before they can affect the performance of your system.

A dependable commercial HVAC system serves as the cornerstone of a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment. Knowledgeable and professional HVAC contractors provide numerous critical services that will help keep your furnace and air conditioner operating efficiently through many heating and cooling seasons.

Commericial HVAC Repair Services

Unfortunately, even well-maintained commercial hvac units will eventually break down due to operational wear and stress. When a unit malfunctions, qualified HVAC contractors dispatch certified mechanics who have experience fixing all major brands of equipment. These professionals have the training required to quickly locate the source of the problem, and replace the faulty components. At Morgan Air Conditioning, the skill of our technicians helps ensure that the repair process will be expedited, which ultimately reduces the cost of the service.

We know that a broken furnace or air conditioner can cause a great deal of grief and aggravation, especially if the unit breaks down in severe temperatures. This frustrating situation is often compounded when the service provider isn’t communicating when the workload is heavy. We have a very strong commitment to service that is demonstrated through our continuing investment in manpower, vehicles, and new technology.

HVAC System Replacement

When the cost of operating your HVAC system continues to rise, it may be time to consider purchasing a modern, high-efficiency replacement system. Whether through age or obsolescence, an older unit will cost significantly more to run and maintain when compared to new equipment. In fact, those who replace an aging 10 SEER AC unit with a new 18 SEER model can save up to 44 percent on annual costs. Many commercial units installed in the 1990s or earlier have an AFUE rating of 65 or less. A new AFUE rated system will convert a higher rate of the fuel it burns into usable energy.

In a replacement application, the skill and experience of the installing contractor is critical. Load calculations serve as the benchmark for selecting the appropriate capacity that will keep your commercial property comfortable even in the worst weather conditions. Remember that the dealer you choose will have more of an impact on performance and operating costs than the build quality of the unit. Never hire an HVAC contractor who uses outmoded sizing formulas like the “square feet per ton” method.

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