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Tampa Heating Installation & Replacement

 Residential Heating InstallationSelecting the appropriate heating system is tied directly to the total heating load of the home. A thorough analysis of the structural characteristics of the building is critical to determine required equipment capacity.

A qualified contractor will inspect the duct system and repair leaks, gaps, and loose connections that degrade efficiency and impair airflow.

We Are Thorough

At Morgan Air Conditioning, we thoroughly evaluate job site conditions before installing the new heating unit. This includes verifying the fuel source is safe, and that the venting system is operating properly if the appliance is a furnace.

Every furnace or heat pump is installed to meet the manufacturer’s performance specifications, and we test the unit to verify it is functioning according to the original design. You have many choices when it comes to heating your Florida home!

Forced Hot Air Furnace

This unit type is both popular and common because forced hot air distributes heat through a series of ducts, and is usually paired with central AC. Some are powered by gas while others with electricity.

Gas Heating

This is a popular type of furnace today. They stand up well with heavy use and can last 15 years or longer with proper maintenance.

Electric Heating

Commonly perceived as safer than gas, which is simply untrue, and may be less efficient and costlier than gas in some cases.

Free Estimates

No matter the furnace you chose, the experts at Morgan Air will walk you through your choices, and help educate with all considerations when choosing a new furnace for your home. We offer free estimates and free second opinions. If you are asking yourself “Should I replace my furnace?” call an expert at Morgan Air to offer you a free estimate or call us for maintenance and we’ll advise you if we see anything that could be repaired or really needs to be replaced.