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In some parts of the U.S., life without an air conditioner can be miserable. It can be too hot, too humid, to try and live without one. Florida is one such location, where 86% of the population of the state uses central air conditioning in their homes.

But sometimes your AC unit stops working or starts to work less efficiently. It can happen for a number of reasons, often due to a need for repairs. When this occurs, people generally reach out to an air conditioning repair company to have inspections and repairs done.

But how do you know if you need to contact a Tampa AC company, for instance, to have your unit repaired, or even replaced? Here are a few things to look at to decide if you need to get your unit replaced or repaired:

Your AC Unit’s Age
If your AC unit is old and AC repair services believe that it could be better to replace it with a newer, more efficient, model then you should consider doing so. Some ACs last up to 15 years, but technology can change and improve in that time. So if you have an old unit, consider getting it replaced.

The Level of Refrigerant
If your unit is past a certain age it can still be using an old refrigerant that can be quite costly to replace, and that can drive up your repair bills. This ties in with the age of the unit and depending on how many times you have to repair the unit or replace the refrigerant, it might be better to just get a replacement.

Energy Efficiency
Newer models can consume less energy to perform the same tasks as older ones, that’s pretty common knowledge. If your energy bills are rising fast or dramatically, it might be because your unit is not holding together as well as it used to. Switching to a newer AC unit can save you money in the long term.

So if you live in Florida, or a similarly hot state, and have a frequent need to contact a Tampa AC company, then it might be best to replace that old AC unit. You could save your self a lot of money and headaches down the line.